Terms of Service

Welcome to Vertical Global Tech

Please read carefully as your use of our website and any purchase of its services means you accept the terms stated therein, which will form the terms of any agreement of service between Vertical Global Tech and You (The Client).

After an order is placed, Clients will receive an update on how to proceed via email. Clients are to ensure every relevant information is submitted before the order and during the order as described on the order pages of all our services.

Delivery of all orders will be made via Vertical Global Hub e-mail accounts or any other channels necessary.

REFUND POLICY: In any event that an order is not able to be fulfilled as a result of accidents, strikes, theft, wrong order placement, scam order, technical difficulties, or if we simply reject an order placement, a refund will be processed within 3 Business Days.

Clients shall be notified via email of any order cancellation necessity and details of their refund.

We do not accept orders with or relating to any Adult Content or Pornography. Any order that is against this term will be canceled promptly and a refund processed to the seller.

Before the purchase of any of our services, ensure that all statutory regulations of your brand and product primary host country must be complied with. We take no responsibility for any loss to our Clients as a result of third-party terms of service violation of their Brands.

DISPUTE: Disputes can be submitted to any of our Customer Support channels, including our emails, Live Chat, Social Media channels, etc. Dispute resolutions will be communicated subsequently upon submission via email. We assure our Clients that all disputes shall be attended to and resolved accordingly via any means necessary.

Custom orders can be requested if you need any service relating to our services but not exactly in our services.

PRIVACY: Privacy is very imperative to Vertical Global Tech. All our Clients are assured that any of their Brand’s sensitive information will not be disclosed to third parties without written consent. Any loss as a result of a violation of this term on our part will we take full responsibility for. We also realize the need to keep sensitive data relating to your Brand private, hence, they will remain confidential by all measures, which shall not be less than the measures we use to maintain the confidentiality of our own information of similar significance. Of course, these privacy provisions does not apply to Brand information that is already generally available to the public or disclosed by the owning party to a third party without restriction.

COPYRIGHT: Vertical Global Tech agrees not to use any copyrighted material from sources not provided by the Client and which can lead to legal complications for the Client. We also require that no creative pictures or content that can cause legal complications to Vertical Global Tech be submitted to us.

We reserve the right to alter these terms and conditions at whatever time, with or without the consent of the Clients, and any modifications in the terms and conditions enclosed herein must take effect immediately after the terms are set.

You (the Client) retain 100% ownership of your Brand and/or Products during your order with us and after.

We reserve the right to terminate any order, either with a reason provided or without one.

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