Proofreading, Editing, Copyediting, and Critique

We also work to provide a deep-dive developmental edits, ensuring the text meets the required standard and quality for publishing. Edited documents with MS Word track changes enabled will also be provided after editing so authors can view our edits via the markings. Note that this Track changes file will also be used to provide in-document comments to provide the necessary critique.

Proofreading and Editing

A thorough edit can be the greatest gift any author can give their manuscripts. No one likes to read a book full of typo errors, bad grammar, etc. And this is where we come in.

A summary of our proofreading and editing service by our professionals:

  • Fixing grammar and punctuation errors
  • Re-writing occasional poor sentence structure
  • Adjusting sticky sentences
  • Redundancy elimination
  • Repairing tense issues
  • Improving overall readability
  • Improving text consistency
  • Paragraph structure edits

Our packages cover both Fiction and Non-fiction books, including all genres

Note: If you do not have any content yet, that’s okay too! We have a team of very talented writers that are willing to turn your ideas into an impeccable reality!

What We Need To Get Started...

A clean or rough copy of your text should be provided to us in a word document or PDF, and we will deliver two edited documents, one clean and the other with the track changes markings so you can view our edits. 

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